Before pipetting, ensure that the pipette, tip and liquid are at the same temperature. When sucking the liquid, hold the four fingers together to hold the upper part of the pipette, press the button on the top of the plunger rod with your thumb, and keep the pipette in a vertical position. Insert the tip into the liquid surface 2-3 mm and slowly release the button. Aspirate the liquid and leave it for 1 to 2 seconds (the viscous solution can lengthen the residence time), slide the tip along the wall of the container, and the tip contacts the inclined wall when draining. Before aspirating, you can first aspirate the liquid several times to wet the liquid suction nozzle (especially when you want to absorb a liquid that is thick or different in density from water). Finally, press the tip of the tip to push the tip into the waste tank.

Two pipetting methods

1.Forward pipetting

Press the button to the first stop with your thumb, then slowly release the button to return to the origin. Then press the button to the first stop to discharge the liquid, and then stop for a while and continue to press the button to the second stop to blow out the residual liquid. Finally release the button.

2.Reverse pipetting

This method is generally used for transferring highly viscous liquids, biologically active liquids, easily foaming liquids or very small amounts of liquids. The principle is to inhale more liquid than the set range first, and it is not necessary to blow out the residual liquid when transferring the liquid. Press the button first to the second stop and slowly release the button to the origin. Then press the button to the first stop point to discharge the liquid with the set range, continue to hold the hold button at the first stop point (do not press down again), remove the gun head with residual liquid, and discard it.

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