When conducting research on analytical testing, pipettes are generally used to measure small or small amounts of liquid. The correct use of the pipette and some of its details are ignored by many people. It is now detailed in several aspects.

Range adjustment

When adjusting the range, use the thumb and forefinger to rotate the knob on the upper part of the dispenser. If you want to adjust the volume from small to small, follow the normal adjustment method, turn the knob counterclockwise; but if you want to adjust from small volume to large volume When you turn the scale knob clockwise to the scale over the range and then back to the set volume, you can ensure the highest accuracy. During this process, never push the button out of the range, otherwise it will get stuck in the internal mechanism and damage the pipette.

Pipette tips assembly

When the pipette tips is placed on the pipette, many people will knock on the head box a few times, which is wrong, because it will cause the instantaneous impact force of the pipette's internal parts due to the tapping. It becomes loose and can even cause the scale adjustment knob to get stuck. The correct way is to insert the pipette vertically into the tips and tighten it with a little force to the left. If it is a multi-channel (such as 8-channel or 12-channel) pipette, you can align the first line of the pipette with the first one, then insert it obliquely, and shake it in the front-rear direction. The sign of the chuck is slightly over the O-ring, and the connecting part can be seen to form a clear seal.

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