1. The speed of adjusting the capacity should not be too fast to avoid the wear of the counter parts.

2. The pipette should always be used within the range.

3. Install the tip without tapping or screwing to avoid damage to the tip cone.

4. Do not pipette the pipette when there is liquid in the tip to prevent liquid from entering the pipette.

5. The liquid absorption speed should be controlled well. It should not be too fast. Avoid liquid recoil contact with the tip cone or enter the inside of the pipette.

6. After the pipette is used, it should be hung and stored to avoid liquid vapor entering the inside of the pipette.

7. If a safety cone filter is used, it should be replaced regularly. According to the frequency of use, if the suction speed is noticeably slow, it can be replaced. In addition, when the liquid is over-absorbed, or when the liquid recoils into contact with the filter, it should be replaced immediately.

8. Regularly maintain the pipette. If there is frequent sterilization, the pipette performance should be checked after 6-10 sterilizations and maintained.

9. Calibrate the pipette periodically, at least once a year.

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