Pipetting is one of the most common tasks in the daily work of the laboratory. Studies have shown that more than 40% of laboratory professionals suffer from physical discomfort caused by pipetting. In order to achieve the best ergonomic benefits, the following qualities must be observed when selecting pipettes:

1.With small pipetting force, tip mounting force and tip ejection force

2.Balanced and comfortable to hold

3.Light weight and suitable length

4.Quick and easy capacity adjustment

5.Easy to read capacity display

6.Both right and left hands can operate

Prevent pollution

In order to avoid the diffusion of aerosols or droplets of the sample when the tip is ejected, it is necessary to ensure that the pipette with a soft tip is selected. If the tip is soft when it is ejected, the remaining liquid droplets or aerosols are less likely to spread over a wide range. If you want to quickly and easily carry out the decontamination step, please select a whole autoclave pipette that does not need to be disassembled. This also applies to multi-channel models. You should choose a pipette that can use the filter on the tip cone, or you can use a filter tip.

All pipettes require regular maintenance to ensure reliable results and maximum equipment life. In reality, however, many pipettes are "not easy to use" because the pipette is broken, but the pipette needs maintenance. When selecting a pipette, you should choose an easy to disassemble, and the fewer parts you can remove, the better. The most easy-to-maintain pipettes have only three removable parts that can be removed without tools.

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