1. Air positive pressure or piston mobile pipette

Positive air pressure pipettes are suitable for a variety of routine laboratory work as well as aqueous samples.

2.The piston mobile pipette

Piston mobile pipettes are suitable for special requirements such as highly viscous, volatile, radioactive or corrosive liquids. In this type of pipette, the piston is in direct contact with the liquid to ensure that there is no risk of contamination. Since this pipette requires the use of a special tip, the piston mobile pipette is more expensive to use than an air positive pipette.

3.Single channel pipette or multichannel pipette

Depending on your actual process requirements, choosing the right channel pipette will make your work more time-efficient and efficient.

Accuracy and precision are two of the most important aspects when selecting a pipette. Accurate means that the amount of liquid transfer is equal to the set amount. Accurate means that the multiple pipetting results are close to the same.

Use the highest quality, professionally maintained and calibrated pipettes with the right high quality tips for the best accuracy.

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