The laboratory shall clarify the person in charge of the laboratory's safety and the management department for inspecting consumables. The management department shall formulate the corresponding procurement, storage, and use procedures and the corresponding assessment system. The consumables use department shall clarify the safety responsible person and consumables management personnel of the department.

Classification of inspection supplies

Inspection supplies include reagent supplies and non-reagent supplies.

Reagent consumables include: chemical reagents, reference reagents, standard substances, laboratory water, microbial culture media, kits, solutions or solid mixtures prepared by related reagents.

Non-reagent consumables include: glassware, experimental gases, instrument-specific consumables, filter paper, rubber products, etc. Inspection of consumables with explosive, flammable, poisonous, infected, corrosive, radioactive and other dangerous characteristics. In transportation, storage, use and disposal, it is easy to cause personal injury or death, property damage or environmental pollution. Chemicals become "dangerous goods".

Management requirements

Develop a purchasing plan

Laboratories should formulate a procurement plan and purchase according to the plan, while some laboratories do not have a procurement plan and are more casual in purchasing supplies, on the one hand, it increases the workload of inspection and acceptance, and on the other hand, it causes unstable factors for the quality of inspection work. . The procurement plan should be comprehensive and sufficient. The product name, specifications, grade, quantity, and purchase time limit of the consumables should be clearly specified. The warranty period must be filled in if it has a shelf life. Whether it requires a certificate and other supporting documents. The laboratory safety person in charge should sign the contract if it involves dangerous goods. .

Implement procurement

Establish and improve supplier files. At least three suppliers of the same type of suppliers should be maintained. The supplier's qualifications, credibility, and variety of operations should be investigated and evaluated to ensure economical and more efficient procurement of supplies. To ensure the quality, we must put the quality of the supplies first; according to the procurement situation, regularly evaluate and record suppliers, and select qualified suppliers through long-term cooperation. When the procurement plan is implemented, inquiries are made from qualified suppliers. Generally, two or more qualified suppliers are required to make an inquiry. After identifying the supplier, sign a purchase contract.

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