1. All laboratory instruments and equipment need to implement the criteria of "special staff, prevention-oriented, regular support, and timely maintenance". It is the responsibility of the experimenter to maintain, maintain, debug, and repair minor equipment.

2. Daily maintenance: refers to the routine maintenance that is suspended according to the operation and management regulations of the instrument. The main items include external cleaning, lubrication, tightening and visual inspection of the instrument.

3. First-level maintenance: This project is to enter from the outside of the equipment to the inside of the equipment (global cleaning, lubrication and fastening). It mainly includes the partial disassembly inspection of the equipment that is generally decomposable (such as removing the casing). And adjustment, power on the entire instrument for trial operation or drive the tide.

4. Second level maintenance: This project mainly refers to the internal maintenance of the instrument. It mainly includes the dismantling or non-disassembly inspection and adjustment of the main components of the general disintegrable instrument, and the replacement of vulnerable parts. Including the re-inventory of all the supporting components in the complete set of instruments, replacing the vulnerable parts. In addition, it also includes suspension of precision inspection, calibration, and calibration of various types of instruments that have been used for a long time (more than three years). Keep the instrument in a clean, lubricated, safe, and usable state of technology.

5. Without prejudice to work, regular maintenance and maintenance of the instruments under management must be suspended regularly. The first-level care of the main instrument should be suspended once a month. For instruments that require stricter cleanliness, temperature, and humidity, in addition to daily maintenance, the conditions of the use and storage environment of these devices should be checked frequently. Dust, temperature, dehumidification, anti-corrosion, insect-proof, etc. Separate the investigation of the instrument, and discontinue the first-level or maintenance of all kinds of instruments and materials in a focused manner.

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