Consumables acceptance must be comprehensive and targeted, and it is necessary to check the links that may affect the quality of the inspection, and eliminate the factors that affect the inspection. This is also the accumulation of laboratory experience and lessons. The management department is responsible for the inspection and acceptance of the specifications, grades, quantities, shelf life and quality certification documents of consumables. The use department is responsible for the acceptance of the quality of consumables, and the relevant documents should be formulated to guide the acceptance of critical consumables.

Such as measuring straws, measuring cylinders, volumetric flasks and other measuring glass appliances are consumed in the laboratory, it is impossible to verify every glass appliance in actual work, but at least one set of verified appliances should be reserved for procurement Comparison and acceptance of the measuring glass instruments to ensure that the accuracy of the purchased glass instruments is within the controllable range.

The hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, and sulfuric acid used for the detection of trace elements should be checked for background interference by the instrument; the organic solvents used for chromatography should be checked for interference at the target peak by the instrument; the microbial culture medium can pass negative or positive Acceptance by comparative tests; laboratory water can be inspected and accepted according to the national standard GB6682-2008 "Specifications and Test Methods for Laboratory Water" for the corresponding grades.

Misunderstandings easily occur in the procurement and acceptance work. Some laboratory supplies are accepted in a formal way, while some laboratories pass the acceptance inspection of a certain brand once and consider that the future purchases will not need to be accepted.

Some laboratories believe that well-known reagents produced by large factories are no problem and are suitable for all testing tasks. In fact, even the best products have a range of fluctuations in the pass rate and quality indicators, and we overly believe that the quality of the company's products is 100% and neglecting acceptance. This is an extremely irresponsible behavior to the testing work and will serve our testing Work brings certain risks. Therefore, consumables that have not undergone acceptance or acceptance are not allowed to be put into the warehouse, and consumables that have passed the acceptance can be put into the consumables warehouse to establish an inventory ledger.

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