When the lab consumables are received, the management department and the using department shall make the consumables transfer and make the outbound records. The highly-drug drugs strictly implement the principles of on-demand collection, metering records, and return of the rest. Bottled consumables are kept in stock at the place of use, and the use department will return the old bottles (empty bottles) to the warehouse when they receive the new consumables. The empty bottles returned from the warehouse will be handled by a qualified unit commissioned by the laboratory.

Supplies library management

The consumables library should have detailed entry records, inventory records, exit records, and exit records to ensure that the accounts are consistent. Prepare electronic files of inventory consumables and update them in real time for review by users and management personnel. Classified storage according to the characteristics of consumables:

Play drugs are double locked and stored separately;

Separation of oxidizing substances and reducing substances;

Organic and inorganic are placed in different regions;

Solids are up, liquids are down. According to the storage requirements of consumables, configure safety facilities, do a good job of environmental monitoring of consumables warehouse, fill in monitoring records, and ensure that the environment meets the requirements. Strengthen the management of dangerous goods, implement double locks for heavy drugs, measure receipts, and return the rest. Open flames and other non-consumable items are strictly prohibited from entering the warehouse.

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