The original pipettes were unable to adjust the volume, that is, fixed-range pipettes on the market today. For example, if you buy a 200ul pipette, the volume of liquid transferred each time can only be 200ul. Over time, such pipettes have been difficult to meet the needs of modern researchers. Although most brands still produce fixed-range pipettes, the relative number of users has decreased.

As the needs changed, a range of pipettes later appeared, but then there were fewer ranges available. Continue the example: if you buy a 200ul pipette, it has 4 positions, which are 200ul, 150ul, 100ul, 50ul. In other words, with this pipette, the volume of liquid you can transfer can be selected between these 4 positions, which is much more convenient than the original fixed-range pipette. However, the range selection of this pipette is also limited after all, and it is also unable to fully meet the user's requirements. Therefore, we also classify this pipette as a fixed-range pipette.

The mainstream pipettes on the market are all adjustable range pipettes that can be freely adjusted within a certain range. Generally speaking, the range of a pipette is from 10% to 100% of its maximum range. Take the 200ul pipette as an example: If you buy a 200ul adjustable range pipette, you can freely transfer liquid in the volume range of 20-200ul. This greatly facilitates our users, but it should be noted that for any particular pipette, the smaller the volume of liquid transferred, the lower the general accuracy.

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