Number of pipette channels

From the first pipette to the current mainstream of the pipette market, they are all pipettes that can only transfer one liquid sample at a time, which we call a single-channel pipette. But with the rapid development of the life sciences field, single-channel pipettes often mean low efficiency. For example, if a 96-well plate is to be filled (a 96-well plate is a plastic plate with 96 wells, each well can hold a certain volume of liquid), a single pipette must be repeated 96 times. Liquid operation, this is not a bad job, I believe many people who have this experience will be deeply touched.

If you want to fill a lot of 96 plates in succession, it is a word-tired! So, there are multi-channel pipettes, which can transfer multiple liquid samples in a single pipetting operation. Row of guns. " There are many types of multi-channel pipettes on the market, such as 6, 8, 12, 16, and 36, 48, 64, and 96 channels (the supplier calls them 96-channel pipettes) Fluid workstation). For example, an 8-channel pipette can transfer 8 liquid samples at a time, and so on for other types. Of course, the most commonly used 8- and 12-channel pipettes are on the market, so there are not many manufacturers producing pipettes with 16 or more channels, and even there are only one manufacturer.

Pipette operation TIPS

There are some tricks in the operation of the pipette. How to select the volume and control the operation of the aspiration are several common problems that plague the novice operation. The following are the important points of the pipette:

Install pipette tips:

After the lower end of the pipette's sleeve enters the tip, if you are operating in the tip box, shake the pipette left or right or slightly rotate the pipette while gently pressing down (only single-channel pipettes can be rotated ) 1-2 seconds; if it is a bulk tip, turn the tip slightly for 1-2 seconds while gently pressing the tip towards the pipette. If this operation does not achieve the desired tightness, check the tip and pipette.

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