The Centrifuge Tube Rack can store fifteen and fifty-milliliter centrifuge tubes and is easy to assemble. It holds twenty 50mL tubes or thirty 15-milliliter tubes and ships flat. It is made from polypropylene and is autoclavable. The rack is available in different colors, and can be purchased in bulk for greater savings. This centrifuge tube rack can help you organize your workstation and maximize productivity.
There are many different styles of centrifuge tube racks available for varying amounts of tubes. Some have dual layers, while others have a single bottom layer. These racks are made of polypropylene and are resistant to -80 degC to 121degC. They feature a permanent indexed grid, two writing surfaces, and a clear, tight-fitting lid. A centrifuge tube rack is an indispensable accessory for research labs.
The Centrifuge Tube Rack by Mingjibio is an excellent choice for transporting tubes. Its design is suitable for conical-bottom 50mL centrifuge tubes. The rack's wide base and moulded indexing makes it easy to identify tubes. It also features generous handles to make transportation easier. You can easily place your tubes in the rack without worry. And once you've placed them inside, you can store them anywhere you need to.
The Heavy-Duty Polypropylene Centrifuge Tube Rack features tabs and slots for secure, easy connection. They can also be linked together to make a single large rack. And as the racks are compatible with different sizes of tubes, you can autoclave them up to 121 degrees. The Racks are made of solid polypropylene and measure approximately 24.7x13.7x4.5cm. They can store 50 pieces of tubes.
Plastic test tube racks have been around for a while, but they are not as sturdy as steel test tube racks. Plastic test tube racks are not only more expensive, but they are also less sterile and can break. It's also more likely to break during autoclave sterilization. However, the steel racks are better than the plastic ones because they are made of a material that can be sterilized.
These racks are essential pieces of equipment in any laboratory. They help organize and transport test tubes with ease. They also keep users safe from harmful materials. For example, they can be stackable, interlocking, and can even have alphanumeric labels. The racks are available in a variety of materials, including wood and metal. Depending on your budget, you can find a test tube rack that fits your needs.

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