A centrifuge tube rack is a useful instrument for sample centrifugation.

It holds up to 12 five-ml tubes. This unit is made of acrylic and features two levels that help maintain tube uprightness. Blue anodized aluminum blocks support the upright tubes and help promote heat and cold conduction. Its design includes a Temp-Zone area for sample temperature control. It also holds 12 five-ml microcentrifuge tubes.
 Micro Centrifuge Tube Rack 5 ml
If you're looking for a micro tube rack that's both affordable and effective, you've come to the right place. Micro tube rack is available for sale at wholesale prices in India, including the top cities like Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Pune, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and more. This  tube rack is ideal for use with spin columns and is available in a wide range of sizes.
The   tube rack 5ml is an excellent choice for sample preparation. Designed to keep the tubes in a clean and organized state, this product makes it easy to transport and process samples. It also features a 92 percent recycled cardboard packaging for safety.
This micro tube rack is designed to keep the tubes upright while they are in use. This polypropylene tube rack comes in blue and orange colors, and has alphanumeric markings to help you store the tubes properly. Each tube holds five milliliters of sample.
These 5 mL tubes are compatible with a range of equipment, including benchmark(tm) products. These tubes are 16mm in diameter and are designed to be compatible with standard German  rotors. These tubes are easy to use and have a low environmental impact.
This tube rack is ideal for storing up to 81 tubes. It has reference points on the lid for easy retrieval. The bases and lid are autoclavable, making it a reusable and cost-effective option for storing tubes. It also comes flat so that you can store it efficiently.

The Tube Rack 5 ml is designed to handle tubes up to 50 mL in volume. The rack allows you to conveniently prepare reagents and store them at -80degC, or to store them in an open deck position. Its sturdy design and quality construction make it a good purchase.
The conical, polystyrene tubes are perfect for serial dilutions, centrifugation, and storage of critical laboratory reagents. They have a large writing patch and bold blue graduations, and have an attractive, medical-style packaging.
The  Tube Rack is ideal for labs that need to store many tubes in a short time. Its design is convenient and easy to assemble. It holds up to twenty tubes of 15mL or 50 mL each. It is also autoclavable and freezeable.

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