Whether you're storing a single microtube or a large batch, the  microtube rack holds 80 microtubes in a convenient location. This autoclavable rack measures 310 x 236 x 122 mm. It's made of autoclavable polycarbonate and features a removable storage tray for crushed ice and water.
The is a versatile rack that is designed to hold both microcentrifuge tubes and 1.5 and 2.0 mL cryo tubes. With a reversible design, it can hold 64 x 0.5 mL microtubes on one side and 96 x 0.2 mL tubes on the other. Each box includes tube segments that allow you to organize and manage samples with ease.
A  is a specialty rack for cryogenic vials. It comes in 15 and 24 well models with an alphanumeric grid to help you locate a tube more easily. Cryo Rack for lab use is made from autoclavable polycarbonate and is compatible with most types of cryogenic vials. It can also hold water and crushed ice.
This specialized microcentrifuge tube rack is designed to accommodate tube sizes from 0.5 to 2.0 ml. It has an alphanumeric grid to easily find a tube and to help you identify the best storage location. It also features a protective anodized surface and alphanumeric well identification. It can be autoclaved or cleaned with a disinfectant.is a versatile tool for the lab. Its thermo-conductive metal alloy helps eliminate inconsistencies in tube temperatures while freezing, cooling, or heating. The rack's design can accommodate a range of temperatures, from -150degC to +150degC. Despite the varying temperatures, the rack maintains +/-0.1degC temperature uniformity.
Tube Racks are essential lab accessories that help researchers process, transport, and store sample tubes. These racks combine high functionality and user-friendliness to improve workflow efficiency. They are also scalable, and can accommodate all tube formats. They are designed to minimize the footprint and maximize tube accessibility.
The  Tube Racks come in various sizes to suit your needs. They can accommodate 1.5, 2.0, or 50 mL tubes. Each rack is stackable, which can save valuable lab space when not in use. Furthermore, they feature consecutive numbering for easy allocation and handling.
There are five models of Microcentrifuge Tube Racks available, ranging from six to 96 wells. The Microcentrifuge Tube Racks feature an alphanumeric grid to help you find tubes. The Racks are compatible with 1.5 ml and 2.0 mL snap cap Microcentrifuge tubes.

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