There are many types of pipettes on the market, mainly divided into manual pipettes and electric pipettes. Most of them are manual pipettes. However, the mode of pipettes is also very large. The pipette mode is different. The functions are also different, and the mode of the pipette is roughly divided into the following categories:

1. Sample mixing mode,

2. Reverse suction mode, which is designed for high viscosity, high vapor pressure or foaming liquid.

3. Electrophoresis loading mode, the liquid will be absorbed at a faster adjustable speed with the set pipetting rate, and then drained at a slower speed to avoid diffusion. This mode is in the 1000ul range pipette.

4. Grading transfer mode, designed for continuous liquid removal, continuous liquid removal according to the set number of pipetting and pipetting.

Pipettes can be used to quantitatively transfer liquids and are widely used in chemical, biological and other fields. The micropipette has a liquid absorption range of 1-1000~1, which is suitable for clinical routine chemical laboratories. The above is the pipetting mode introduced for everyone, I hope to help everyone.

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