Laboratory consumables are necessary tools for the management laboratory of laboratory apes. The laboratory administrator uniformly manages laboratory consumables and reagents. It should record in detail the various consumables and reagents received by the laboratory. Each person in charge receives the corresponding consumables and reagents according to the type of experiment.

What are the consumables for the chemical laboratory:


2. Disposable appliances, such as disposable gloves, syringes, etc .;

3. Fixed equipment, such as heaters, mixers, double-row pipes, etc.

4. Instrument;

5. Need to replace consumables, such as hoses, long needles, etc .;

6. Personal equipment, such as reaction bottles, medicine spoons, pipettes, etc .;


1. Preservation of medicines:

First, categorize. Each laboratory is classified differently, and the organic field must be:

Refrigerator low-temperature storage materials:

Ordinary solid, ordinary liquid;

Anhydrous and oxygen-free storage of medicines:

Gas, precious medicine, dry medicine, others;

2. Drug purchase:

The solvents and ordinary solids that can be collected by schools are as follows:

Silica gel, sodium chloride, etc .:

These are entrusted to one person, registered for collection, and collected if insufficient;

The purchase of other medicines needs to be booked separately. For management, you need to number each storage place. For example, the dry box A cabinet a refrigerator 1 is written like this, and then each medicine is put away. Record the electronic version, record the amount, location, chemical formula, and name. , Save method, date, price, company, purchaser, etc. (remember to classify).

It is best to write a clear classification method at the top. The advantage of the electronic version is that it is easy to search directly. Everyone can keep it updated if they add medicine or run out.

Disposable appliances:

The amount of chopped materials used in this type of consumables is not fixed. It is best that each laboratory is responsible for one person, and they can be collected directly when they are not enough. Moreover, the safety of such items is stronger than that of pharmaceutical instruments. Only financial coordination is required.

3. Fixed equipment:

Elderly members should be kept in a book. Any damages should be sought from him, and then given to the boss for approval. If there is a secretary, they can act as agents.

4. Instrument:

Each requires a dedicated person responsible for repairs, supervision, ventilation (eg, required), and other tasks, including training of new members.

5. Need to replace consumables and 6 personal equipment:

Generally, it is directly collected and used by the school. If it is received in batches by group, a locker with locks can be specially added and registered by a special person. The direct application that needs to be collected should be reported quarterly or added.

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