TPP cryovials are used to store samples in a freezer or similar cryogenic device.

The product may be stressed during storage. TPP design and high quality materials ensure safe transportation during and after defrosting.
Cryovial features:
Depending on the thread geometry, TPP can avoid the use of silicone gaskets, allowing for pipe security and sealing.
The external thread design provides a smooth inner surface, eliminating loss of sample material during ejection.
Colored inserts for easy marking and identification
We provide a convenient, puncture and tear resistant, reclosable laser perforated bag.
can stand on its own
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Lock system:
A TPP cryotube rack with a locking system in the groove allows for one-handed operation.
Laser perforation:
Laser perforation facilitates initial opening of the bag without the need for additional opening aids. Additionally, there is an integral laser perforation as a safety seal.
You can easily open and close the bag multiple times. Cospa is good as a large-capacity bag.
TPP recommends storing cryovials in a liquid nitrogen (ln2) or better vapor/vapor environment.
If you choose to store in liquid nitrogen, TPP recommends additional packaging such as welded tubes. Small intrusions such as not tightening the cap properly can allow liquid nitrogen to enter the tube. During thawing, liquid nitrogen expands rapidly, creating high pressures that this material cannot withstand and an explosion hazard. As a result, spreading and contamination of the contents can occur.
Always use proper safety equipment and procedures.
It is important that the cryovials are not filled to the maximum fill volume possible. Due to possible swelling of the cell suspension during freezing (record: 0.2 ml less than the maximum mark on the tube).

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