Be a qualified laboratory consumable buyer

1. The staff in charge of consumables should take a timely inventory of all consumables in the laboratory, make purchase requests on a regular basis, and conduct acceptance checks when receiving consumables.

2. Laboratory inspectors must strictly abide by the operating procedures, perform quality inspection on the received kits, and judge the specificity, sensitivity, compliance rate, and lower limit of reagents for the detection of pathogen nucleic acids by the kits.

Laboratory consumable procurement procedures


1. It is necessary to strictly follow the relevant regulations, and the consumables should be complete with three certificates (production license, product registration certificate, and business license).

According to the work needs of this room and the recent consumption of the consumables, the person in charge of the laboratory will make an application plan for purchasing consumables, provide the consumption and inventory of the previous month, and fill out the purchase form. signature. The compilation and printing are uniformly purchased and managed by the agency.

2. Inspection of consumables

1) Outer packaging inspection:

Packaging should be intact, unstained and clearly marked-manufacturer name, product name, approval document number, production date, expiration date, etc.

2) Inner packaging inspection:

Whether the inner packaging is damaged, leaked, whether the contents are complete, whether there is a corresponding instruction manual, etc.

3) The above inspections are completed upon arrival and recorded at the same time:

Sorted and stored in the reagent storage area.

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