This is a simple way to perform a quick check on a pipette in your hand. Check to see if the pipette in our hand is in a normal working condition.

1.Leakage test: The pipette in our hand is called air displacement pipette. If there is a leak, our sampling result will definitely not be accurate, which will directly affect the final result of our experiment. It is more serious. So, how to judge whether the pipette leaks?

This requires us to do a simple test on it. First, take a transparent container, install water, put the pipette to be tested on the tip, and suck in water. If it is P2, P10, P20, P100, P200 pipette, please immerse the tip in the liquid surface for 1-2 mm, wait for 20 seconds, observe whether the liquid level inside the tip is down. If it drops, it means that the pipette in your hand has leaked. If it is a pipette of P1000, P5000, P10ML, please suspend the tip for 20 seconds to observe whether there is liquid dripping. If there is, it means that the pipette in your hand is also leaking. What should I do if there is a leak?

2.Find the cause of the failure: First, check whether the nozzle is installed in place, replace the tip to test again, to eliminate the leakage caused by the relationship of the tip; then, check the port portion of the white sleeve (ie the white sleeve Whether the part in contact with the tip is scratched; then, check if the connecting nut between the white sleeve and the handle is loose. If none of these conditions are present, the seal or piston assembly is damaged.

3.Check the appearance: press the discharge button, feel smooth, listen to whether there is noise, observe whether the discharge rod is bent; rotate the adjustment button to observe whether the counter reading is biased.

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