Draining and blowing: The suction head is close to the wall of the container. First press the piston to the first gear to discharge the liquid. After a pause, press the second gear to blow the liquid.

Remove the tip: Press the tip detach button down to remove the tip.

Precautions during aspiration and drainage

• Temperature: the temperature of the pipette, the tip, and the solution are the same.

• Depth: the depth of the tip immersed in the liquid surface

• Speed: slow suction slow release

• Humidity: pre-suck the tip 3 times

• Moderate: pause time when draining liquid

• Angle: Vertical aspiration

• Fit: the speed at which the second gear is discharged and the time the nozzle leaves the liquid surface

Correct placement of the pipette

After use, adjust the pipette range to the maximum, return the internal spring of the pipette to its original shape, extend the life of the pipette, and hang it vertically on the pipette holder. When there is liquid in the pipette tip, do not place the pipette horizontally or upside down to prevent the liquid from flowing back to corrode the piston spring.

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