Daily cleaning and maintenance of pipettes


In order to ensure the accuracy and accuracy of the pip […]

In order to ensure the accuracy and accuracy of the pipette, regular maintenance should be carried out according to the specific use. Especially after using corrosive solvents, the pipette should be cleaned. With these simple cleaning and maintenance methods, the life of the pipette can be extended.

1.External cleaning

Method: Depending on the application, it can be washed with detergent or disinfected with 60% isopropyl alcohol, then rinsed with double distilled water and dried.

2. Internal cleaning

Generally, the seal is maintenance-free. After cleaning or replacing the piston, a thin layer of silicone grease should be applied. After the pipette is used up every day, it should be rotated to the maximum scale to restore the spring shape and help to maintain the spring elasticity. For different types of liquids, there are different cleaning and maintenance methods, see table.

3. Disinfection

Including UV disinfection, autoclaving. If the pipette is made of high-quality materials that are resistant to UV rays, UV disinfection can be used. Autoclave is divided into whole pipette autoclave disinfection and half autoclave disinfection. Before the whole autoclave disinfection, loose the joints for partial disassembly and half autoclaving; the lower half can be disassembled, autoclaved (121 °C, 20 min), and if necessary, dry the disinfection parts at room temperature. Wait until the temperature is completely lowered before installing.